In late 2013, I had an idea for a picture book.

Stemming from my thoughts on the life and writing of Franz Kafka, I wrote my first children’s book and as I looked over the story I was caught off guard by how it struck me. I think its a really good sign if you’re the author and you still see new things in the work when you read it months later. I wanted to publish this story.


I love the idea of creative collaboration, so in late November 2013 I started a small Kickstarter project to fund a self-publication of the book. I pulled out my old watercolor set from my high school art class and did some rough illustrations that I found reflected better the simplicity and depth to the story than something I could have commissioned. My original plan to work with an illustrator faded as I spent more time pondering the characters themselves.

The project was successful, with 35+ family members, friends, and strangers linking arms to support the effort. I spent January 2014 finalizing drafts and illustrations, publication details, and finally approving cover and galley proofs. I’m happy to announce that the soft cover and e-book editions of Wandlung are available to order here! Hard back copies are available if you contact me directly.

Reading the book aloud to my girls the night the first printer's proof came in the mail.

Reading the book aloud to my girls the night the first printer’s proof came in the mail.

You can now download a free e-book copy of Wandlung from my noisetrade page. Please be sure to let me know your thoughts and share the book through social media, Goodreads, and other reviewing resources!


If you have any questions about the book or would like to order a copy of the hard back version, please contact me!


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