Pan & Puck is a middle grade fantasy novel by M. Landers.

Chevu and Nez couldn’t be more opposite in personality. Still, when these young sisters see an opportunity to be spirited away by the magical duo who pop up outside of their bedroom window one evening, they quickly find their way into an agreement. A short trip abroad in the mysterious, ancient lands of the north is just the sort of adventure they can’t pass up.

The trip turns out to be a major success, that is until Pan and Puck find themselves overwhelmed by foreign agents causing mischief in the peaceful world of the dryads and gnomes. Their leisurely walking tour quickly unravels and the four find themselves the prisoners of a cruel ruler.

It will take all of the girls’ combined strength and wits–along with a good deal of luck–if they are ever to escape the crafty machinations of the dark sorcerer who plans to bring all the magical kingdoms in the world under his own rule. With a little help from new-found friends and unsuspected allies, they begin to recognize that they are only a small part of a much larger and older story than they could have imagined, with the spark of greatness growing inside them. But will it be enough to help them turn the tables on the ol’ tyrant and find a way back home?


Written in the vein of the children’s fantasy classics, this adventure sweeps the reader off on a quest through beautiful landscapes with a cast of timeless characters that are easy to love.

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